With the Light, the Shadow grows

New doorways to live your destiny

Light and Shadow

Two aspects are preventing us from following our destiny and from implementing it so effective that it makes a difference for this world:

  • Lack of clarity what exactly our destiny is about.
  • Lack of clarity about our shadow sides, so that they can block our conscious purposes, creating results that are not correlating with our wishes.

This daily workshop is working with both aspects: Starting with the shadow sides, supporting each other to learn more about them, we will continue in the afternoon by opening a space where you have the opportunity to discover your destiny, supported with useful distinctions, practical exercises, and interesting questions. At the end of the day, you will have more clarity and - that's the cost - no excuse any more for not implementing it in your daily life.

This workshop has no requirements, and its content and exercises differ from Expand The Box Training. So you are welcome equal if you are curious to learn about the tools of Possibility Management or if you want to deepen your experience with them - both is possible.

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