True Love in Everday Life - Couple Coaching

Yes, this is truly an art. Do you sometimes also get carried away by an emotional, romantic movie, a good book, in which the world of the relationship seems alright and love is perceived as the source of life flooding through everything? And then we look at our everyday life and think “well”...

And that is exactly how it does not need to be. As a matter of fact there is no school subject or hardly any other chance to learn something about “true love” in our modern culture. And: There is the the possibility to explore on your own and there are spaces, in which you can get support for these experiments, suggestions and new impulses.

What you will get from trainings and coaching in the context of Possibility Management is more authenticity, aliveness, closeness, connection, intimacy and joy in your relationship. Or if you are single in your life with the result that you can attract your partner with ease.

And sometimes a couple coaching with your partner is exactly the right thing. The conditions are the same as for individual coaching (150 CHF for a session of 1.5h). Requests under contact.