Expand The Box Training

What exactly is that? It shows that this training can not be fully understood with the mind – hence verbal descriptions tend to be inadequate – it has to be experienced with all four bodies. The following paragraphs are an attempt to offer a first impression, so you can decide if you would like to embark on this adventure. Several statements derive from the feedback of participants.

  • ETB works with tools from Possibility Management, a spectrum of innovative soft skills. Through new mental maps and practical exercises in small groups of varying size you can experience the content in a dynamic and direct way. They support your entire system to create new possibilities for your everyday life.
  • It is the basic training in Possibility Management and opens you doors to the more advanced Possibility Laboratories together with a variety of deep, initiatory processes.
  • ETB is a four-body training giving the possibility to recognize and dissolve physical, emotional, mental and energetic blockades.
  • It provides plenty of useful tools, which you can be immediately applied in everyday life, your job and relationships to get new results.
  • It is simply fun to be together with people in this intensity and high level. The safe space allows personal encounters that are hard to imagine in normal life. Thereby you learn how to create those spaces in normal life.
  • ETB is some kind of meta-training where you will find completely new exercises and thought-maps together with one or another practice and insight from other contexts. Instead of a concept there is a clear intention: More possibilities for the own life, more freedom from the limits of personal survival strategies. Whatever serves this purpose is used. What compromises it is named.
  • In the ETB we look at different meta-levels and practically experiment: When and how does communication function and when and why not? How does learning work? How do I focus my attention on the attention?
  • The centering exercises cause a noticeable difference in everyday life. They empower you to be your own authority. It could happen that your boss, partner or other people in the surrounding perceive you more and appreciate what you have to say.
  • In this training you decide what you want to use, where your focus is and what you want to change in your life. There are no rules or even dogmas, but distinctions that prove to serve more clarity, possibility, more authenticity and lively contact and connection.
  • Here you can find a video about the ETB and further hints what the training is about.

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