Feelings – Disturbing factor or relationship force?

Daily workshop for conscious use of your feeling powers

Does this sound familiar? You had already nice ideas how things should go – as a parent or in work, with the partner or friends – and than everything turned out completely different ...

As if this would not be enough, feelings possibly get in the way – irrational, loud, embarrassing, “disturbing factors” in an already stupid situation. No wonder we pack sadness, anger, fear or feeling mixes like shame away, so they might not stand in our way or even overwhelm us.

But what seems like “disturbances” are exactly the same feeling forces that empower us to an appropriate handling of difficult situations, whether with children, in our relationship, at the work place or with our friends. Feelings are an inner navigation system, they are relationship forces and they bring unexpected new possibilities into the game.

Our one-day workshop is an research space with many exercises and several useful though maps in order to discover and practice these unexpected possibilities. Leading to a change in perspective and actions that has a fascinating, sustainable effects for everyday life.

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