About the Background of this Gameworld

The Space of Possibilities is a gameworld for unfolding, transformation and initiation in the context of Possibility Management – HARBIGARR!


As people we permanently move in various physical and energetic spaces. The quality of the space is determined by the intention of the people in the space. The intention can be conscious or unconscious. Through the clarity of a conscious intention that the space holder focuses a part of their attention on extraordinary and safe spaces for authentic connection are created.


“That is not possible”, “I can't”, “I can't see any possibilities”, “how can this possibly work out?”, “then you can only” … with these kind of phrases we like to confirm the reality of our prison walls. But how real is this invented reality really (see the books by Paul Watzlawick on network page)? Mutual support in a safe space opens our eyes for the multitude of possibilities, with the result that we get a choice in our life again.


Who decides about the rules according to which you play your life? Who defines how you perceive the world surrounding you and what you make of it? The universe permanently gives us feedback and shows that irresponsibility is an illusion (just as one example: If we don't take responsibility for how we treat the life on earth and change our actions, humanity won't survive). If you take radical responsibility, you reclaim your power and creativity and hence the possibility to consciously create your gameworld and to play along in other gameworlds, where winning happens. Here is one gameworld open for you to practice radical responsibility and offering you the necessary initiatory processes.


Your being is much bigger than what is visible so far. That is true for everybody, because there is no limit at all. Here is a space to unfold your being, so you can live your vision and destiny with full power, clarity, joy and lightness. Or in order for you to take the next step in your personal unfolding.


Mr. K. (in the book by Bertold Brecht) bleached when somebody, who he had not seen in a long time, greeted him with the words, he did not change at all. Liveliness is not possible without change. However, transformation in our context means not only change, but metamorphosis to more consciousness and more possibilities: E.g. in our trainings and coaching you will have the opportunity to learn more about your shadow parts and transform them into powerful tools supporting your vision.


In modern culture we usually never go through a real initiation into adult responsibility. We can observe the results: The same way children don't clean up after playing, we don't take care to the planet in its uniquely wonderful beauty that it was entrusted us with (and that is just one example out of many). It shows that ongoing initiation is not only valuable, but necessary to be able to live the abundance of your own potential in an authentic, clear and conscious way. Possibility Management is based on almost forty years of experience with these kind of supporting processes and tools and further develops both of them constantly. In our initiatory processes you get the possibility to benefit from this experience and contribute your own insights.


The possibilities in a gameworld are defined by its context. It becomes apparent that the context is often not clear resulting in ineffective processes inside and unsatisfying charisma outside. The core of our context is radical responsibility. On this foundation effective, creative collaboration, that generates more energy than is consumes, is possible.

Possibility Management

A few new thought maps can bring many new results. The new mindset of the earth as a sphere instead of a disk for example made the whole development of the renaissance only possible. Possibility Management is an open (that means freely accessible) new way of thoughtware, which expands your possibilities and the one of your team. For that purpose, we have an abundance of useful tools and initiatory processes at hand. More details can be found at www.nextculture.org.


Through this power word from the pirate world we connect with the archetype of the aware, conscious and responsible pirate, who follows only one rule: “What a man can and what a man can't do” (Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean 1” - this equally applies for the piratess). This opens a space for exciting questions: Who chooses which rules you follow and which you don't? Have you deferred your power of choice to some external authority? The only thing that limits what you can create or cause is your wild and raw ability to create and cause - where did you put those? Who would you be and what could you achieve if you brought them back into action, like nonlinear transformation tools to play with? What are you living for anyway?