Stellate your Creativity - Use your Fear Constructively

Creativity is a bright principle actually available at any time without limits. And nevertheless, there are these blockades, moments of blackouts, nothing is working any more, the inspiration seems to run dry. Do you know something like that? Or domains where you are living with old experiences of not being able to do it (my old story, sometimes coming up, is that I'm not able to paint; others told me that they have similar attitudes about singing, dancing, free speaking, writing etc.).

This daily workshop is not about enforcing Creativity but about looking at the blockades so that they can vanish. It's about connecting you again with this elementary power so that it can flow freely. One key for that is fear: With fear of fear, we are blocking the flow. Instead of staying consciously in the nothing, ladling from the not-knowing like a thirsty man from the well, most of the time we freeze, stressing ourself by trying to make it perfect and right, and avoiding the experience that Creativity can carry and nurture us.

The invitation of Creativity: Become a star and radiate, bringing more light, color, aliveness, and joy of life to your surroundings. For you can use Creativity to

  • express what is burning inside of you,
  • live your destiny,
  • powerfully attract people needing exactly what you have to give,
  • create non-linear, alive relationships,
  • inspire teamwork,
  • bring lightness into spaces,

and much more.

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