Rage Club: Activate the Power of Conscious Anger

  • Do you only rarely or never feel angry?
  • Do you feel your anger often and don't know how to deal with it?
  • Do you finally want to learn how to say NO?
  • Do you want to leave old grudges behind and start relationships anew?
  • Or do you finally want to blow off steam in a safe space without merely the energy blowing out?
  • Do you want to make clear decisions and proceed with your life?
  • Do you want to sharpen your awareness and create space for new possibilities?
  • Or do you simply want to feel alive?

Welcome to the Rage Club!

Anger is widely considered as dangerous, uncontrolled and destructive. It is commonly equated with irascibility, un-professionalism and insanity. Anger is feared as a destructive power that ruins our world and relationships.

Whereas conscious anger is a great energy and information source. It helps us to take decisions, clearly and firmly say yes and no, stand for our visions and ideas and progress in our life. If we learn a conscious and responsible connection with our anger, it will be a brilliant source of clarity and genuine power opening a gateway into an authentic lifestyle. Rage Club is a space to learn exactly that. Together in a group and everybody in their pace.

Information: Please bring comfortable clothes, writing materials for personal notes and enough water to drink with you (for day-long workshops with picnic in addition some food for the shared buffet) and be punctual – we start on time.

Because we observed that even small quantities of alcohol substantially compromise the training results, the Rage Club is an alcohol and drug free space. The information for participation apply as for all trainings.

Registration for all offers and further dates and locations under contact. Maybe you know people who are interested and/or a fitting place - we are looking forward to coming to you.