Possibilities for Ongoing Initiation

The context of Possibility Management is lived experience. We can make a new decision every three seconds. On the one hand this opens unimagined potential for development. On the other hand it requires continuous renewal and deepening to have all this possibilities consciously and with present at hand. Sometimes a comment or box habit of our partner is enough to get us hooked. Permanent practices build matrix and increase your freedom of action. Only if you are not hooked, all possibilities are open. Prerequisite for these deepening trainings and coaching is an Expand the Box Training.

You can
  • Attend a Possibility Lab (see also our worldwide calendar);
  • Book an individual coaching for the Unfolding Process, the Relationship Purification Process or a personal healing process;
  • Found your own Study group or Possibility Team and therefor get feedback and coaching;
  • Look at the trainer pages at www.nextculture.org (you can receive login information with the appropriate requirements from a PM trainer who knows you personally);
  • Use further links, book and movie recommendations for deepening on the network page;
  • Conduct own research (but let us know because PM is a lively and continuously evolving context) ...