Experiential Talks

During a talk in the context of Possibility Management the audience will be engaged and exercises and new thought maps are created in the moment, growing from the particular topic as the seed.

Georg Pollitt enjoys offering experiential talks alone or together with other trainers about various topics (below you can find a few examples). If you are interested in organising such an event, write a message under contact.

Feelings in Action!

Discover the power of conscious feelings to re-connect with the archetypal power of our four basic feelings.

Become a Source of Possibilities instead of a Victim of Circumstances

How you can open new doors even in the messiest situations.

The path to Consciousness leads straight through your Underworld

How we often unconsciously leave the field to our Gremlin and how we can reclaim it

Imagine there are no Problems!

How we create ourselves problems to avoid intimacy and what is possible instead.

Making Boundaries without being Unkind!

New possibilities in relationship with children, partners, parents, superiors, employees …

Passionately Depressive?

New way in dealing with depression. How effective and easy the separation of feelings can work and what is necessary for it

Darling, you are driving me crazy!

Possibilities to quit the everyday relationship madness of “you are guilty” and “I am right” to allow genuine connection and intimacy. More ...

High-level Fun – How to bring more Fun into your Life

There is a difference between a fun culture and the joy of being your destiny in action.

Sex, Chocolate and Spirituality

Surprising new distinctions and coherencies – a collective expedition/exploration journey.

Asking Dangerous Questions

Asking questions is one the core powers we have as human beings. Dangerous questions question what seems safe and self-evident and especially what is not supposed to be questioned. Hence they can create totally new possibilities.

Discover Possibilities beyond the Horizon

for pioneers, adventurers and cultural creatives, who believe that something completely different is possible right now and here!

Creating rather than Functioning

Choosing from what is not offered. Choosing belongs to the core powers of our human-being. What becomes possible if we really use this power?