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About me

“As a trainer and coach of passion I am committed to your unique combination of dreams, ideas and skills. That is what people around you and the whole world needs from you. To accompany you and witness the unfolding and transformation is my greatest joy.”

In the creative area with music and theater, in the business world with software development and project management, in the social field through youth work, living and working in a community and as father of two sons, plus finally in the context of Possibility Management, Georg got to know many useful tools for new ways of being together and living your destiny effectively which he offers in this Space of Possibilities.

About the Background of this Gameworld

Space of Possibilities is a gameworld for unfolding, transformation, and initiation in the context of Possibility Management - HARBIGARR!


Mr. K. (in the book by Bertold Brecht) bleached when somebody, who he had not seen in a long time, greeted him with the words, he did not change at all. Liveliness is not possible without change. However, transformation in our context means not only change, but metamorphosis to more consciousness and more possibilities: E.g. in our trainings and coaching you will have the opportunity to learn more about your shadow parts and transform them into powerful tools supporting your vision.
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