Laboratories full of Possibilities (Labs)

When you attended an Expand the Box Training, the Possibilities Labs are available as a free play space for further unfolding, transformation and initiation. The Lab is a mix of deep initiatory processes, cooking together, festive and happy spaces, sword work, other practices for all four bodies and much more. You will discover possibilities that your did not even expect to be there and gain many valuable skills, which are not known or trained anywhere else. While breaking out of the cocoon in the Expand the Box Training, now you free yourself from the last covers, spread your wings and explore the unknown.

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Possibility Labs in Germany and Switzerland are using German as main language, providing English translation whenever it's needed.

2021/11/04 - 11/07
Thu 7:00 am - Sun 5:00 pm
Possibility Lab in Creux-des-Biches (Jura) (CH) with Katharina Kaifler, Georg Pollitt
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