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An ultra-safe Space for new Possibilities

In an individual coaching your very special needs and your personal quest for your very own possibilities is at the center of attention. You might use it for yourself or together with a partner, your family, or even a group like a community, a working group, or a company.

Every theme from the areas of profession, work situation, family, relationship, friendship, health, life purpose, vision etc. can be the starting point. Together in a safe space we create possibilities with the goal of a more vibrant, fulfilling and successful life: You determine the pace and get exactly the support you need for the next step. With a one-on-one coaching you can for example

  • change your typical everyday life conflicts;
  • make boundaries against mobbing at the workplace and strengthen the own position;
  • find or deepen your calling and take steps towards it;
  • break out of blockages and deadlocked situations;
  • review important decisions and discover what you really want;
  • create a new focus for your life;
  • change your relationship towards more aliveness and genuine connection;
  • unfold your being in ways that attracts a partner for a deep and lively relationship ...

Interested? Get in contact – we will figure out which arrangement serves you best (e.g. online with video call or as presence coaching in Illnau near Zurich, Switzerland). Your investment is 75 CHF for an up to 35 minutes online session (125 CHF for an online double session with up to 70 minutes) or 175-275 CHF sliding scale for up to 75 minutes in Illnau. Special cases and reduction in case of regular sessions negotiable.