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Some translations of my German texts with new distinctions and interesting experiments: Challenges for your "survival mode" so that your Being can grow. You are invited to share and use all this material (please with noting the origin, compare the copyleft footnote of each document). In case you are German speaking, too, you might want to check out my German Publikations & News (with the option to sign up for my German newsletter).

Enjoy reading!

DateTitle Download
2016-07As Pirate, You Are Surfing The Ocean Of Unlimited Possibilities PDF
2016-07Silence or Speaking PDF
2016-07Hide and Seek PDF
2016-03Trust is a Decision (Golden Eagle Part 1) PDF
2016-03Archearchy (Golden Eagle Part 2) PDF
2016-03Shadow Work (Golden Eagle Part 3) PDF
2016-01What Box? PDF
2015-12Christmas Feeling PDF
2015-10The Story of a Slug's Quest to find her Destiny PDF
2015-07The Cudgel in the Sack PDF
2015-06For little knows my royal dame ... PDF