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Expand The Box Training (ETB)

What exactly is that? It shows that this training can not be fully understood with the mind – hence verbal descriptions tend to be inadequate – it has to be experienced with all four bodies. Read below some attempts to offer a first impression. Several statements derive from the feedback of participants. It might help to decide if you would like to embark on this adventure.

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ETB is some kind of meta-training where you will find completely new exercises and thought-maps together with one or another practice and insight from other contexts. Instead of a concept there is a clear intention: More possibilities for the own life, more freedom from the limits of personal survival strategies. Whatever serves this purpose is used. What compromises it is named.

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ETBs in Germany and Switzerland are using German as main language, providing English translation whenever it's needed. Additional (new) ETB formats are offered in German only - if that works for you, check out the German ETB page.

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